Bible Trivia Questions

Kids Bible Trivia Questions readymade for a school or family quiz!

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Bible Trivia Questions for Kids


  1. True or false: Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan?

  2. Was Jesus' crown made from: a) Gold, b) Thorns, c) Plastic?

  3. What is a parable?

  4. What name is given to water that is blessed by a priest for use in religious services?

  5. Who was known as the King of the Jews in the Bible?

  6. What gift did Jesus send to the apostles on the feast of Pentecost?

  7. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal the name of the place where Jesus was crucified: YVRALAC?

  8. What day do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

  9. Maundy Thursday honors which final event between Jesus and his apostles?

  10. During the middle of a storm, what do the disciples see Jesus walking on: a) Sand, b) Air, c) Water?

  1. What two things symbolize the body and blood of Christ during Holy Communion?

  2. God spoke to Moses from a burning what?

  3. Ash Wednesday marks the first day of which religious period?

  4. What happened on Ascension Day?

  5. The Parable of 'The Rich man and Lazarus' tells the story of the relationship between a rich man and a what?