Earth Day Quiz

Kids Earth Day Trivia Questions readymade for the perfect school quiz!

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Earth Day Questions for Kids


  1. What year was Earth Day first celebrated: a) 1967, b) 1970, c) 1974?

  2. True or false: The Earth's rainforests provide our planet with approximately one fifth of its oxygen?

  3. What date is Earth Day celebrated across the world?

  4. Can you name two types of pollution?

  5. On Earth Day, people across the world plant: a) Flower seeds, b) Trees, c) Vegetables?

  6. What are the three main types of fossil fuels?

  7. Which of the following words means poisonous: a) Toxic, b) Dangerous, c) Harmful?

  8. Why is the Earth sometimes called the Blue Planet?

  9. True or False: Too much carbon dioxide is NOT harmful to the environment?

  10. Which of the following types of energy is a renewable energy source: a) Solar, b) Coal, c)Natural gas?

  1. In which country did Earth Day begin?

  2. Is there more water or land on the surface of the Earth?

  3. Can you name two of the four main layers of the Earth?

  4. True or false: Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson?

  5. Which rainforest makes up around half of the world's remaining rainforests?