Easy Movie Quiz Questions

Easy Movie Quiz Questions for Kids and Family Quizzes!

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Easy Movie Quiz Questions for Kids


  1. In which film does a robot fall in love with a probe sent by the Axiom ship?

  2. What type of pizza does Kevin order in Home Alone?

  3. In the movie Shrek, which character sings 'I'm a Believer'?

  4. What is Bruce Bogtrotter forced to eat in the movie Matilda?

  5. Which fictional character is Tarrant Hightopp also known as?

  6. Who is the voice of Fiona in Shrek?

  7. According to the Hakuna Matata song from 'The Lion King' movie, what does the phrase Hakuna Matata mean?

  8. Which movie character lives with the Brown family in Winsor Gardens, London?

  9. In the Disney movie Tangled, what is Flynn Rider's real name?

  10. What does the Minion phrase 'poopaye' mean?

  1. In the Disney film Hercules, the character Phil is half man and half what?

  2. In the film 'Beauty and the Beast', what does the Beast imprison Belle's father for?

  3. Which Disney movie features the song, 'Under the Sea'?

  4. Which character is nicknamed boo in Monsters Inc?

  5. In the Lion King movie, what can't Simba wait to become?