Easy Trivia Questions

Kids Easy Trivia Questions for a family quiz with younger children!

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Easy Trivia Questions for Kids


  1. Can you unscramble the following word to discover a plant that grows in the desert: TUCSAC?

  2. How many days are there in the month of October?

  3. Can you put the following names into alphabetical order: Henry, Harry, Harriet, Holly?

  4. Which two primary colours make orange when they are mixed together?

  5. True or false: Ostrich is the largest type of bird in the world?

  6. What number must be added to 84 to make 500?

  7. Which of the following is not a name of a desert: Gobi, Yellowstone, Sahara?

  8. Which shape has 6 sides?

  9. What did Cinderella leave at the ball?

  10. In which English City would you find Buckingham Palace?

  1. What is the second planet from the sun?

  2. True or false: New York is the capital of the United States?

  3. What date is Halloween?

  4. What colour does Marge Simpson dye her hair?

  5. What is the fifth letter of the alphabet?