Fun Christmas Quiz Questions

Kids Fun Christmas Quiz Questions for family quizzes!

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Fun Christmas Quiz Questions for Kids


  1. Which famous Christmas song begins with the lyrics, 'You better watch out, You better not cry'?

  2. True or false: There are three towns/cities in the United States named Santa Claus?

  3. The lyrics, 'Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming', feature in Christmas adverts for which famous drinks company?

  4. In which country is Father Christmas known as Weihnachtsmann?

  5. On what night does the Christmas season traditionally come to an end:
    a) Fifth Night, b) Eighth Night, c) Twelfth Night?

  6. Which popular Christmas movie is about a young boy who takes a train ride to the North Pole?

  7. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal an ice crystal that has 6 points: SWNOLKAEF?

  8. True or false: There are two calling birds in the 12 Days of Christmas song?

  9. How did Mary travel to Bethlehem to give birth to baby Jesus:
    a) Car, b) Donkey, c) Bicycle?

  10. Which reindeer is said to be the most famous reindeer of all?

  1. In which country does Christmas Day occur first: New Zealand or Canada?

  2. What is the name of the snowman that features in the Disney movie Frozen?

  3. What Christmas product was invented by a London sweet maker named Tom Smith:
    a) Crackers, b) Cards, c) Stockings?

  4. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a word than means Christmas: ELNO?

  5. True or false: Four Sundays occur during the period of Advent?