Quiz 7: General Knowledge for Kids

Learn interesting facts and info with General Knowledge Questions for Kids written by the team at Knowalot.

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General Knowledge Questions for Kids


  1. How many dominoes are there in a complete set?

  2. If November 1st falls on a Monday, on which day will December 1st fall?

  3. Which three colours make up the flag of France?

  4. Beginning with the letter C, what is the name of the long bone that is situated between the shoulder blade and the breastbone?

  5. What type of sporting event consists of swimming, cycling and running?

  6. What is the first name of Prince Harry's son?

  7. What type of dinosaur had three horns?

  8. Verde is the Spanish word for which colour?

  9. In the NATO phonetic alphabet, what word represents the letter C?

  10. What is the cube root of 1000?

  1. Can you name a South American country that begins with the letter V?

  2. What colour is hippopotamus milk?

  3. Which finger is known as the index finger?

  4. What is a zonkey?

  5. What name is given to a shape with 10 sides?