General Knowledge Quiz Questions 10

General Knowledge Quiz Questions 10

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General Knowledge Quiz Questions 10


  1. Which character performs a song called 'Speechless' in the 2019 movie Aladdin?

  2. Which of the following is the odd one out:
    a) Rocket, b) Jupiter, c) Saturn, d) Mars?

  3. The following sentence is missing several capital letters, can you rewrite the sentence using capital letters when needed:
    harry lives at 61 kings road in liverpool.

  4. What is the name of the cord which connects a mother to the baby in the womb?

  5. What is a baby pig called?

  6. The following sentence is incorrect as the past tense verb is wrong, can you rewrite the sentence correctly:
    We was tired yesterday.

  7. According to the Bible, which country did Mary and Joseph flee to in order to escape Herod?

  8. True or false: Most owls are not nocturnal (active at night)?

  9. What type of wave is a sound wave:
    a) Electromagnetic, b) Longitudinal?

  10. What is linguine a type of?

  1. Which female singer released a song called 'You Should Be Sad' in 2020?

  2. What type of animal is a guppy?

  3. What is the largest part of the human brain known as:
    a) The cerebrum, b) The cerebellum, c) The Brainstem?

  4. How many members of the 'Jonas brothers' are there?

  5. Can you fill in the missing letters to complete the adjective in the following sentence:
    The princess is bea_ _ _ _ _ _.