General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9

General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9

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General Knowledge Quiz Questions 9


  1. What type of word describes a noun?

  2. Queens, workers and drones are all types of which insect?

  3. On which birthday does Hagrid give Harry Potter a mokeskin pouch?

  4. What three flavours does neapolitan ice cream consist of?

  5. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a type of animal that can change colour: ONELEAMHC

  6. Which of the following is the odd one out: a) Car b) Train, c) Cat, d) Bicycle?

  7. What colour is created when red and blue paints are mixed together?

  8. What male American singer released a song called 'Changes' in 2020?

  9. How many layers is the Earth made up of?

  10. Is a shark a mammal or a fish?

  1. How many years did World War Two last for?

  2. Which Disney movie features a tiger named Rajah?

  3. Which of the following words describes the highest part of a horse's back between the base of its neck above its shoulders: a) Mane, b) Hock, c) Withers?

  4. The following sentence is missing several capital letters, can you rewrite the sentence using capital letters when needed: amelia lives in london with her family. she has two brothers called oliver and george. Amelia lives in London with her family.

  5. Can you unscamble the adjective in the following sentence to make it read correctly: The bread is ftos.