History Trivia Questions

Kids History Trivia Questions printable for a fun school quiz!

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History Trivia Questions for Kids


  1. In Egypt, the Sphinx is a statue of a man and the body of which animal?

  2. Which war broke out on July 28, 1914?

  3. Can you name one President of American who was assassinated?

  4. What was Florence Nightingale's occupation?

  5. During which century were the world's first cars invented?

  6. Can you name the only ancient wonder of the world that exists today? (question 1 might give you a clue!)

  7. Who walked on the surface of the moon with Neil Armstrong in July 1969?

  8. Which era occurred first: a) Iron Age, b) Stone Age, c) Bronze Age?

  9. Which famous king had many wives including Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour?

  10. Spitfires were used during World War Two - do you know what a Spitfire is?

  1. What date is Independence Day?

  2. What female statue is located in New York Harbor and wears a crown with 7 spikes?

  3. Who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 2010?

  4. Blackbeard was a famous: a) President, b) King, c) Pirate?

  5. Which Roman numeral represents the number 5?