Kids Fun Trivia

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Kids Fun Trivia


  1. What is the French word for apple:
    a) Pomme, b) Citron, c) Fraise?

  2. True or false: the temperature around the poles is above freezing for the most of the year?

  3. Can you write the following words in alphabetical order using the third and fourth letters:
    Sunny, Submarine, Such, Subway, Sunburn, Sultana?

  4. Harry has 100 balloons, half of the balloons are red. If Harry sells half of his red balloons, how many red balloons will have left in total?

  5. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a word associated with the study of stars and other objects in space: YRMNOOTSA?

  6. What type of creature is a Bombay Duck:
    a) Bird, b) Fish, c) Reptile?

  7. True or false: the total length of your circulatory system stretches to around 96,600 km (60,000 miles)?

  8. What are plurals of the following words (plural meaning: more than one of something):
    a) Loaf, b) Wife, c) Thief?

  9. Can you form adjectives from the following words by placing either 'ful' or 'able' at the end of them (adjective meaning: describing words):
    a) Suit, b) Wonder, c) Help, d) Like, e) Success?

  10. Which of the following numbers are multiples of 4:
    a) 26 b) 44, c) 80 d) 58, e) 16?

  1. True or false: the two most important organs in the human body are the heart and the brain?

  2. What type of animals are mammals and birds (please explain your answer if you can):
    a) Vertebrates, b) Invertebrates?

  3. What day of the week is named after the Roman God 'Saturn':
    a) Saturday, b) Sunday, c) Tuesday?

  4. True or false: the closest star to planet Earth is the Sun?

  5. Which land mammal has the most teeth:
    a) Grizzly Bear, b) Hippopotamus, c) Giant Armadillo?