Kids Math Quiz Questions

Kids Math Trivia Questions for School Quizzes!

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Kids Math Quiz Questions


  1. Can you write the following number using digits:
    Ten thousand, five hundred and fifty three

  2. Should the < or > sign replace the @ sign to make the following statement true:
    11960 @ 11959

  3. There are 20 people in the park, if 5 people leave, what fraction of people will be left in the park?

  4. What is 849 divided by 10?

  5. Can you write 10:02 p.m. as a 24-hour time?

  6. Alice wants to buy a book in the sale. The original price of the book was $5. If a 20% discount is applied, how much will Alice have to pay for the book?

  7. What is 1000 + 700 + 40 + 3?

  8. The interior angles of a triangle always equal 180 degrees. If angle A is 45 degrees and angle B is 90 degrees, how many degrees is angle C equal to?

  9. What number should appear next in the following series: 3, 9, 27, 81, ?

  10. Henry pays $10 for 8 balloons, can you work out the price of each balloon?

  1. What is 7.3 x 100?

  2. How many days and hours are equal to 200 hours?

  3. Fred does 2 sit ups in January, 4 sit ups in February, 8 sit ups in March, and 16 sit ups in April. If this pattern continues, how many sit ups will Fred do in May and June combined?

  4. What number must be multiplied by 4 to make the sum of 44?

  5. When added together, how many days are there in the months of March, May, September, November and December?