Kids Music Quiz Questions

Kids Music Quiz Questions for a fun family or school quiz!

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Kids Music Quiz Questions


  1. Which Swedish singer features on Clean Bandit's 2017 hit song 'Symphony'?

  2. Which male artist released a song in 2017 called ' How Long?'

  3. What song by Lady Gaga includes the lyrics, 'I'm gonna heal you anyway, Promise I'll always be there'?

  4. Which of the following song titles was released by Miley Cyrus:
    a) Malibu, b) Middle, c) How long will I know you?

  5. What year did Sam Smith release a song called 'Too Good At Goodbyes'?

  6. Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire are members of what musical trio?

  7. Which female American singer had a hit in 2017 called 'Bad Liar?'

  8. What is the opening line to Sean Paul's song 'No Lie?'

  9. 'Perfect Strangers' is a hit song by which English DJ?

  10. Which female American singer released a song in 2017 called 'Look What You Made Me Do?'

  1. Which American hip hop artist features on French Montana's song 'Unforgettable'?

  2. Which female artist released a song in 2017 called 'Issues'?

  3. What is the opening line to Craig David's song 'Heartline?'

  4. Which British female singer features on Avicii's song 'Lonely Together'?

  5. Ally, Normani, Dinah and Lauren are members of which American girl band?