Kids Music Quiz 7

Kids music quiz with easy trivia questions for school and family quizzes.

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Kids Music Quiz Questions


  1. Who is the lead singer of Years & Years?

  2. 'I Don't Care' is a song released in 2019 by which two male artists?

  3. Which American artist released a song in 2017 called 'Most Girls'?

  4. What does 5SOS stand for?

  5. What are the first names of the Jonas Brothers?

  6. Which famous male artist released a song in 2016 called 'Mercy'?

  7. Which song by Ella Mai includes the lyrics 'Like we be runnin' a mile to never make it'?

  8. 'Be Alright' was a hit song in 2018 for which Australian singer?

  9. Complete the lyrics by Sam Smith and Normani, 'Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new, Ooh baby, baby...'?

  10. Which of the following songs is by Tom Walker: a) Just You and I, b) Sing, c) 7 rings

  1. What year did Rita Ora release a song called 'Your Son

  2. Which male artist features on Taylor Swift's 'Panic! At the Disco'?

  3. Which album was released by Ariana Grande in February 2019?

  4. Which well known Swedish singer reached fame at the age of 10 when she won a talent show known in Sweden as Talang in 2008?

  5. What nationality is Shawn Mendes?