Kids Trivia Questions 5

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Kids Trivia Questions 5


  1. On which birthday does Harry Potter discover that he's a wizard?

  2. In which sport can you score a bullseye?

  3. What type of tree loses its leaves in the winter?

  4. Which ocean is situated along the west coast of Australia?

  5. Can you round the following decimals to 2 decimal places: a) 5.293, b) 1.928, c) 7.526?

  6. Who wrote Alice in Wonderland?

  7. True of False: Frogs are not amphibians?

  8. Which chart topping song was released by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith in August 2018?

  9. What is the missing number: ? x 3 = 180?

  10. What is the name of the yeti who features in the 2018 Disney movie 'Smallfoot'?

  1. Which South American country has a capital city called Buenos Aires?

  2. How long do the Olympic Games last: a) 14 days, b) 16 days, c) 18 days?

  3. Ragnar Lothbrook was the name of a famous what?

  4. In which part of the human body can the smallest bone be found?

  5. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal a type of bird: PKERCEDOWO?