Kids Trivia Questions 7

Kids trivia quiz questions and answers from Knowalot!

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Kids Trivia Questions 7


  1. In the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, what does Jack hand over in exchange for magic beans?

  2. In a human body, the heart is located underneath the sternum (breastbone) and lies: a) Centrally, b) Slightly to the right, c) Slightly to the left?

  3. What is twenty percent as a fraction?

  4. Which family discovered Paddington Bear at Paddington Station, London?

  5. How many Olympic rings feature of the Olympic flag?

  6. What type of fruit shares its name with a flightless bird?

  7. A game of chess uses six different chess pieces, how of them can you name?

  8. What is the longest wall in the entire world?

  9. Which Roald Dahl book features a young girl who secretly bleaches her father's hair?

  10. How do you say 'Good Evening' in French?

  1. In the Harry Potter series, what is the name of Ron Weasley's first pet owl?

  2. Which famous king had a sword known as the Excalibur?

  3. What does an exclamation mark look like?

  4. In which country is the Grand Canyon located?

  5. What name is given to an angle of 90 degrees?