Kids Trivia Quiz 9

Kids trivia quiz 9: fun questions written by Knowalot for kids and teens.

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Kids Trivia Quiz 9


  1. Can you make the following sentence read correctly by inserting the word is or are: My friends ___ lovely.

  2. What is the name of the song from the movie 'Frozen 2' that features the lyrics 'You're not a voice, you're just a ringing in my ear'?

  3. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal a term that is used for the study of rocks: OOLEGYG?

  4. Is the equator:
    a) Closer to the North Pole, b) Equal distance from the North and South Pole, c) Closer to the South Pole?

  5. If someone is blind, they might communicate through:
    a) Braille, b) Sign Language, c) Lip Reading?

  6. What type of orchestra is the largest: Symphony or Chamber?

  7. What type of sport is played between two teams on an ice rink and uses a puck?

  8. The Sun is mainly made up of:
    a) Oxygen, b) Helium, c) Hydrogen?

  9. What type of animal is a canine?

  10. Can you name two major body organs that begin with the letter L?

  1. Which country do Danish people come from?

  2. True or false: Snakes use their tongues to smell?

  3. During which process of the water cycle does water vapour in the air turn into droplets that form clouds:
    a) Condensation, b) Evapouration, c) Precipitation?

  4. What is measured in decibels:
    a) Distance, b) Pressure, c) Sound?

  5. Which of the following words describes a desolate area of land with no water and little vegetation:
    a) Desert, b) Mountain, c) Savanna?