One Direction Quiz

Kids One Directions Questions printable for a 1D Quiz

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One Direction Quiz


  1. How many members were originally in the boy band One Direction? a. Four, b. Six, c. Five

  2. What are the names of the original members One Direction?

  3. What was the song title of One Direction's first official single? a. What Makes You Gorgeous, b. What Makes You Beautiful, c. What Makes You Number One

  4. What color are Zayn's eyes? a. Brown, b. Blue, c. Green

  5. Which city featured on the 1D's Music Video for the song 'One Thing' where the boys could be seen riding around in a double decker bus? a. New York - America, b. Sydney - Australia, c. London - England, UK

  6. What is the missing word from this 1D song title 'More .... This'? a. Than, b. Of, c. For

  7. Where was the One Direction Video for their hit song from question 3 of this quiz filmed? a. At a theme park, b. On a beach, c. On a plane

  8. What nickname do the other band members of 1D call Niall? a. Kayleb, b. Kane, c. Kyle

  9. What type of car features in the ID music Video for the song 'Gotta Be You'? a. VW Beatle, b. Mini, c. Ferrari

  10. What is the missing word from the One Direction song '.... Young'? a. We're, b. Too, c. Forever