Kids Animal Trivia Questions for a printable family quiz!

Questions for Kids Animals Quiz Four


  1. What is the largest species of bear in the world?

  2. What is a group of frogs called: a) Flock, b) Army, c) Herd?

  3. What is a baby bear called?

  4. What type of animal is a canine?

  5. Do seahorses have teeth?

  6. What is a herbivore?

  7. True or false: Rabbits are born blind?

  8. What type of animal is the Disney character Bagheera from The Jungle Book?

  9. What type of animal does not have a backbone?

  10. Can fish close their eyes?

  1. Which of the following animals do not eat leaves:
    a) dog, b) giraffe, c) caterpillar?

  2. What type of animal is a snake:
    a) Mammal, b) Bird, c) Reptile