Kids Geography Trivia Questions readymade for a family or school quiz!

Questions for Kids Geography Quiz Three


  1. Which city is nicknamed The Big Apple?
    a) Texas, b) New York, c) Seattle

  2. What is the capital city of France?
    a) Lille, b) Nice, c) Paris

  3. Which country does the River Nile run through?
    a) Egypt, b) Thailand, c) India

  4. What type of weather would you find in the Atlantic?
    a) Rain, b) Sun, c) Ice and snow

  5. What is the capital city of England?
    a) London, b) Birmingham, c) Manchester

  6. In which country would you find a famous palace called the Taj Mahal?
    a) Australia, b) Italy, c) India

  7. Which of the following is not a well known river?
    a) Amazon, b) Britannica, c) Mississippi

  8. What is the name of the famous man-made structure in China?
    a) The Great Wall of China, b) The Great Floor of China, c) The Great Door of China

  9. The pope lives in Vatican City, do you know which country Vatican City is located in?
    a) Italy, b) Greece, c) Cyprus

  10. Which of the following is not a type of liquid associated with a volcano?
    a) Magma, b) Petrol, c) Lava