Questions for Kids History Quiz Two

Kids History Trivia Questions readymade for a family or school quiz!

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Questions for Kids History Quiz Two


  1. True or false: King Henry VIII was born in 1491?

  2. What type of material were the first castles made from: a. Wood, b. Iron, c. Plastic?

  3. How long was Queen Victoria's reign: a. 43 years, b. 23 years, c. 63 years

  4. What was Hitler's first name?

  5. Can you unscramble this word to find the first name of a Roman leader: SIUULJ

  6. Did the Vikings travel by boat or plane?

  7. What did King Arthur easily pull out of a stone?

  8. True or false: a spitfire is a type of tank used during World War II?

  9. What year did World War One begin?

  10. True or False – The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?

  1. Where is the Greek God 'Hades' considered to live?

  2. How many wives did King Henry VIII have: a. Four, b. Five, c.Six?