Questions for Kids Music Quiz Four

Kids Music Trivia Questions readymade for a fun family quiz!

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Questions for Kids Music Quiz Four


  1. Which of the following singers had a hit song with 'Cool for the Summer'?:
    a. Pixie Lott, b. Rihanna, c. Demi Lovato

  2. Which female singer had a hit with 'I Really Like You':
    a. Carly Rae Jepsen, b. Duffy, c. Kelly Clarkson

  3. Which of the following songs was released by Rachel Platten in 2015:
    a. Fight Song, b. Love, c. White Horse

  4. Which song did Fifth Harmony sing?:
    a. Mine, b. Worth It, c. Set Fire

  5. Which song did DJ Snake and Major Lazer have a hit with in 2015?':
    a. Lean On, b. Uptown Funk, c. Chasin' the Sun

  6. Which song did Jack U release in 2015?

    a. Where Are U Now, b. Counting Stars, c. Wake Me Up

  7. Which male artist had a hit with 'Not Letting Go'?:
    a. Drake, b., C. Tinie Tempah?

  8. Which song did Calvin Harris release in 2016?:
    a. This Is What You Came For, b. You, c. Someone Like You

  9. Which female artist released a song called 'Needed Me' in 2016:
    a. Selena Gomex, b. Rihanna, c. Nicki Minaj?

  10. What nationality is Shawn Mendes:?
    a. Spanish, b. Australian, c. Canadian

  1. Which American rapper released an album in 2016 called 'The Life of Pablo':?
    a. Snoop Dogg, b. Kanye West, c. Jay-Z

  2. Who released a song called '7 Years':?
    a. Luke Graham, b. Calvin Harris, c. James Bay