Kids Music Trivia Questions readymade for a fun family quiz!

Questions for Kids Music Quiz One


  1. Who had a hit song with 'All About That Bass'?

  2. Which female singer features in Drake’s song ‘Too good?’

  3. Which famous male singer had a hit with 'Stitches'?

  4. Which former One Direction band member released a song called 'Pillowtalk'?

  5. Which Justin Bieber song begins with the lyrics 'You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty'?

  6. The song 'Tears' by Clean Bandit features which X Factor winner?

  7. Which female artist had a number one song with 'Hello'?

  8. Which male rapper features on Rihanna's hit song 'Work'?

  9. What nationality is Sia?

  10. Which male artist had a number one song with 'Can't Stop the Feeling'?

  1. Which 2016 hit song by Drake begins with the lyrics 'Baby, I like your style'?

  2. Which female artist released a song called 'Kill em with kindness'?

  3. Who was the winner of American Idol 2015?

  4. Which 2016 Little Mix song features Sean Paul?

  5. What are the first names of American pop rock group members DNCE?