Questions for Kids Music Quiz Two

Kids Music Trivia Questions readymade for a fun family quiz!

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Questions for Kids Music Quiz Two


  1. Tinie Tempah's hit song 'Girls Like', features which female artist?

  2. Which Belgium rapper released a song called 'Are you with Me'?

  3. Which famous female singer released a hit song in 2017 called 'Needed Me'?

  4. Which group consists of band members Grace, Luke and Jack?

  5. Which girl group released 'Power' in 2017?

  6. Which song by Zedd and Alessia Cara begins with the lyrics ' Waiting for the time to pass you by?'

  7. Which Rita Ora song includes the lyrics, 'A million miles from L.A.'?

  8. Zayn Malik was a former member of which famous boy band?

  9. Which country does the famous female singer Rihanna come from?

  10. Which Sia song features the lyrics 'I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight'?

  1. Which English rapper released a song called 'Bestie' in 2017?

  2. Who released a song called 'Dangerous Woman' in 2016?

  3. What is the title of Harry Style's first solo single, released in April 2017?

  4. What nationality is Calvin Harris?

  5. Which CNCO song was released in 2017 and features vocals from Little Mix?