Questions for Kids Pop Quiz One

Kids Pop Music Questions printable for a fun family or school quiz!

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Questions for Kids Pop Quiz One


  1. Which female American singer released a song in 2017 called 'Bon Appetit'?

  2. What year did Bruno Mars release a song called 'Chunky'?

  3. Can you complete the title of Niall Horan's 2017 song 'Too Much...'?

  4. Which song by Meghan Trainor is the theme song from the movie 'Smurfs: The Lost Village'?

  5. 'Sucker for Pain' was a hit in 2016 for which male American hip hop artist?

  6. What are the first names of the four members of The Vamps?

  7. Which Miley Cyrus song includes the lyrics, 'But here I am, Next to you, The sky is more blue'?

  8. Which of the following songs is not by John Legend:
    a) Pray b) Love Me Now c) Surefire?

  9. Which male Canadian singer released a song called 'Starboy' in 2016?

  10. Which member of Fifth Harmony decided to leave the group in December 2016?

  1. 'Boys' was a 2017 song by which female British singer?

  2. Which famous DJ features in Pixie Lott's song 'Baby'?

  3. What are the opening lyrics to Calvin Harris' 2017 song 'Slide'?

  4. What year did Anne-Marie release a song called 'Ciao Adios'?

  5. Can you complete the title of Lorde's 2017 song 'Green ...'?