Questions for Kids Pop Quiz Three

Kids Pop Music Questions printable for a fun family or school quiz!

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Questions for Kids Pop Quiz Three


  1. Which one of the following singers is a member of Little Mix?
    a. Katy, b. Chloe, c. Leigh-Anne

  2. Complete the title of Jax Jones' song 'You don't ....?
    a. know me, b. own me, c. hear me

  3. Which American male singer released a song in 2017 called 'That's What I Like'?

  4. Which American female artist sings the following songs 'Swish Swish' and 'Chained to the Rhythm'?

  5. Which former One Direction band member released a single called 'Sign of the Times'?
    a. Harry Styles, b. Liam Payne 5, c. Zayn Malik

  6. Which 2017 song by Calvin Harris features vocals from Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Big Sean?

  7. Which female singer had a hit song with 'New Rules?

  8. Which male singer had a hit in 2017 with 'Shape of You'?
    a. John Legend, b. Ed Sheeran, c. Sam Smith

  9. Which male artist had hits with 'I'm the One' and 'Wild Thoughts'?

  10. Which British band released a hit song called 'Symphony'?

  1. What nationality is Lady Gaga?
    a. British, b. Australian, c. American

  2. Who had a number one hit song in 2017 with 'Look What You Made Me Do?
    a. Miley Cyrus, b. Katy Perry, c. Taylor Swift

  3. Chris Martin is the lead singer of which British band?
    a. Coldplay, b. The Wanted, c. Take That

  4. Who is the lead singer of Maroon 5?

  5. Which of the following song titles is by Justin Bieber?
    a. Base Drum, b. Mama Said, c. Cold Water