Questions for Kids Science Quiz Four

Kids Science Questions readymade for a fun school quiz!

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Questions for Kids Science Quiz Four


  1. What word beginning with the letter 'H' describes a place where animals and plants live?

  2. What type of system circulates blood around the body:
    a) Digestive System, b) Respiratory System, c) Circularity System?

  3. What do plants require to survive:
    a) Oxygen, light, water. b) Oxygen, light, ice. c) Oxygen, light, snow?

  4. Which of the following is not a type of tooth:
    a) Incisor, b) Retina c) Molar

  5. What part of the human skeleton protects the brain:
    a) Rib cage, b) Pelvis, c) Skull

  6. What type of food does an omnivore eat?

  7. What colour is a Ruby gemstone?

  8. What are the three main types of fossil fuels:
    a) Coal, oil, natural gas. b) Rock, oil, natural gas. c) Glass, oil, natural gas?

  1. 9. What word beginning with the letter 'E' is used to power a microwave, kettle and toaster?

  2. 10. True of false: Mars is the closest planet to Earth?

  3. 11. Is a horse a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

  4. 12. Where does solar energy come from?

  5. 13. What type of animal has a backbone:
    a) Vertebrate, b) Invertebrate?

  6. 14. What type of insect does a chrysalis turn into?

  7. 15. Can you unscramble the following word to form a major body part: MOTSCHA?