Questions for Kids Science Quiz Three

Kids Science Questions readymade for a fun school quiz!

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Questions for Kids Science Quiz Three


Trees, Plants and Nature Questions:

  1. Which tree produces acorns?

  2. What type of flower is used by children to make a chain?

  3. Which flower has big bright yellow petals and grows very, very tall?

  4. Can you name the type of tree that produces conkers?

  5. What 'C' is a prickly plant that grows in the desert?

  6. What type of gas is provided by trees and helps us to breathe?

  7. Which type of Japanese tree is very small and grown in a pot?

  8. What type of substance is produced by flowers and sometimes causes hay fever?

  9. What type of red flower do people often give one another on Valentine's Day?

  10. Besides light, what do trees and flowers require to grow?