Questions for Kids Sports Quiz One

Kids Sports Trivia Questions ideal for a family quiz!

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Questions for Kids Sports Quiz One


  1. Do you know how many players there are in an ice hockey team?

  2. What does the term 'birdie' mean in a game of golf?

  3. In a game of snooker, how many red balls are there on the table at the beginning of the game?

  4. Which flag is waved in motor racing to show the winner?

  5. What is Zumba?

  6. How many feet should the centre of the net on a tennis court measure?

  7. Which country invented Volleyball?

  8. What is the name of the flat rubber disc used in a game of ice hockey?

  9. What color is the centre of the target in archery?

  10. In a game of darts, what is the highest possible score using three darts?