Questions for Kids Sports Quiz Three

Kids Sports Trivia Questions ideal for a family quiz!

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Questions for Kids Sports Quiz Three


  1. Which of the following sports does not involve a ball: tennis, squash, or badminton?

  2. In which sport do you run and jump as far as possible onto a sandpit?

  3. What colour is a standard tennis ball?

  4. Which sport involves a bat, a ball and wickets?

  5. In which game do you aim to knock down ten pins with a ball?

  6. What are ballet, tap and hip-hop all types of?

  7. Which sport uses the lightest ball:
    a) Football, b) Baseball, c) Table tennis?

  8. Which outdoor sport involves a club, a ball and holes in the ground?

  9. What games, beginning with the letter 'O', are held every 2 years in Summer and Winter?

  10. What type of sport is played on horseback?

  1. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal a type of sport: GMMIWISN?

  2. What colour is Liverpool Football Club’s home kit?