Questions for Kids Trivia Quiz Three

Kids Trivia Questions readymade for a printable school or family quiz!

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Questions for Kids Trivia Quiz Three


  1. Ellie pays $30 for 20 books, can you work out the cost of each book?

  2. Which Disney film does the ‘Cheshire Cat’ appear in?

  3. Can you put these countries into alphabetical order: Russia, France, Portugal, Poland?

  4. Who wrote the children’s books ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, and Matilda’?

  5. Will a helium balloon go up or down if you let go of it?

  6. Which of the following methods of transport cannot travel on water: tram, ferry, or barge?

  7. What colour are Mickey Mouse’s shoes?

  8. Is the sun a planet or a star?

  9. In which fairytale does a giant say, “Fee-fi-fo-fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman”?

  10. What number is the last square on a Snakes and Ladders board?

  1. What date is Bonfire Night?

  2. According to the Bible, who built an ark and let the animals in two by two?

  3. Can you unscramble this word to find the name of a fizzy drink: SIEPP?

  4. When mixed together, what two colours make orange?

  5. True or False: 50% and ½ are the same?