English Quiz Answers for Kids

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English Quiz Answers for Kids


  1. Sophia was born in Spain and she has a pet cat called Henry.

  2. Emma's favourite month is December as it often snows.

  3. The snow is cold.

  4. His hair is messy.

  5. Sugar is sweet.

  6. Stars are bright.

  7. Low - High, Hard - Soft, Young - Old, Tall - Short

  8. Big - Small, Blunt - Sharp, Hot - Cold, Nice - Nasty

  9. Strawberries are tasty.

  10. The rainbow is huge.

  1. Wishes, spaces, churches, chairs, foxes

  2. There are two football matches on today.

  3. The dresses in the shop are beautiful.

  4. My sisters were very excited.

  5. It was difficult.