Kids Trivia Questions

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Kids Trivia Questions


  1. Can you unscramble the following word to reveal the name of a vegetable: BGCABEA?

  2. Are lizards warm or cold blooded animals?

  3. Ottowa is the capital city of which North American country?

  4. What type of shape has five sides?

  5. The words 'THERE, THEY'RE, THEIR' are missing from the following sentence, can you use the words to fill in the missing parts of the sentence so that it reads correctly:
    .... standing over .... next to .... car?

  6. What is 10 percent of 750?

  7. True or False: Our left and right lungs are the same size?

  8. Frobscottle features in the BFG movie, do you know what Frobscottle is?

  9. What is the smallest type of string instrument in an orchestra: a) Viola, b) Violin, c) Double Bass, d) Cello?

  10. Can you pick out the adjective from the following sentence: The funniest animal in the world is a monkey?

  1. Which planet takes almost 165 Earth years to orbit the sun: a) Mercury, b) Venus, c) Neptune?

  2. What is the largest ocean in the world?

  3. True or false: Chameleon's have extremely long tongues, sometimes as long as their bodies?

  4. Which of the following letters are vowels: A, D, I, L, O, P?

  5. What do the opposite faces on a standard 6-sided die (dice) add up to?