Kids Thanksgiving Quiz

Start the holiday season with our selection of Kids Thanksgiving Quiz Questions and Answers. Knowalot's Fun Thanksgiving Trivia questions and answers are suitable for the whole family to play and will teach children interesting facts about Thanksgiving Day.

It's free to print out our Kids Thanksgiving Trivia Questions and Answers, simply select from our range of quiz games to begin, and you will see that Knowalot provides answers on separate pages for your convenience. Celebrate the Holiday Season with a Fun Trivia Quiz about Thanksgiving including its history and origin, dates it is celebrated in Canada and the United States, songs and poems about Thanksgiving Day, how it started, and why we give thanks!

When is it celebrated in the United States and Canada, which president declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday, what 'Pardon the Turkey' means, when the pilgrims held the First Thanksgiving Dinner in Plymouth, which popular sport is played over the Thanksgiving season, the name of the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in America - discover the most amazing facts about Thanksgiving Day with our Kids Holiday Trivia Questions and Answers readymade for the perfect school or family quiz.

Begin the Holiday Season with a fun family quiz this Thanksgiving. Choose from our selection of Trivia Quizzes for Kids with questions about the holiday season, Thanksgiving dinner, desserts, history, songs, traditions, and lots more!

Kids Thanksgiving Quiz

There are questions about the meaning of Thanksgiving, the First Thanksgiving Dinner celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621, the shopping day that follows as a tradition in many countries, how the occasion was changed from the last Thursday of November to the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, how many games the National Football League plays on Thanksgiving Day, and how celebrations were historically connected with the harvest period.

Our Thanksgiving Quiz Questions and Answers are suitable for all Children including girls, boys and teenagers from younger kids to middle school and 4th grade, to early teens. The whole family can enjoy the holiday season with Knowalot's printable Thanksgiving Quizzes, Questions and Answers! Find out some of the most fun facts about Thanksgiving Day by selecting one of our Quiz Games.

Kids Thanksgiving Day Trivia Questions and Answers
Celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with our Trivia Quizzes for Kids. Knowalot regularly updates their quizzes to bring children the most fun quiz questions and answers about a range of subjects including Thanksgiving. You will find lots more Holiday Trivia questions and answers via our homepage including fun Christmas Quizzes.

Kids Thanksgiving Quizzes
Our family friendly Kids Thanksgiving Day Trivia Questions and Answers are ideal for all children including girls, boys and teenagers. Readymade for the perfect school quiz, simply print from our selection of Thanksgiving quizzes, questions and answers.

Thanksgiving Kids Quiz Questions with Answers
Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful celebration which takes place in many countries across the world, in particular America and Canada where the occasion is celebrated on different days but in similar ways. The United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the 4th Thursday of November every year and has done so since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a joint resolution of Congress in 1941. Canada celebrates earlier in the year on the second Monday of October. This day also commemorates Columbus Day in the United States. We hope you have fun playing our fun Kids Trivia Questions for Thanksgiving Day.

Kids Thanksgiving Quiz

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